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Calculated currents of the BSH Operational Model System

German Bight area 5 German Bight area 2 German Bight area 1 German Bight area 3 German Bight area 4 German Bight area 6 Deutsche Bucht Western Baltic area 3 Western Baltic area 4 Western Baltic area 5 Western Baltic area 6 Western Baltic area 7 Western Baltic area 8 Western Baltic area 1 Western Baltic area 2 Western Baltic Tideelbe area 1 Tideelbe area 2 Tideelbe area 3 Tideelbe area 4 Tideelbe area 5 Tideelbe area 7 Tideelbe area 6
Current predictions
The data have been computed today,

The charts result from the Operational Model System of the BSH. Occasionally, predictions may not be quite up to date because of errors in the data flow resulting from technical problems. Therefore, please note the date indicated on the chart!
The model results provide also a basis for a "Circulation Calendar" of the daily near-surface residual pattern in the German Bight which will be generally updated monthly.

The Multi-Model Ensemble (MME) for sea surface currents in the North Sea is based on the outputs from several operational ocean forecasting models contributed by the NOOS-partners BSH, DMI, FCOO, Met.no, SMHI and UK Met Office.

Hourly data

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