Forecast of ocean physical and biogeochemical parameters for the European North West shelf are delivered daily through the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS). These forecast products are subject to continuous development ensuring a high quality product for the users. For each version upgrade, a Quality Information Documents (QUIDs) is provided for the physical and the biogeochemical products on the CMEMS website in addition to the data. In November 2018, the 7km forecast (AMM7) was replaced by a new high resolution forecast at ~1.5km (AMM15). Difference between the two systems are summarised here. Assessment of the quality of AMM15 and improvement from AMM7, summarized in the Quid, are shown below. Direct link to the european North West shelf forecast products for physical and biogeochemical parameters on the CMEMS catalogue.

Table of differences between AMM7 and AMM15


Sea level Currents

Surface velocity

HF radar

HF radar

Surface hydrography


Water column hydrography

OBstat profiles Moorings Gliders Seals