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Forecast for today
Friday,  20.07.
Forecast for tomorrow additional information
    01 a.m. 07 a.m. 01 p.m. 07 p.m. 01 a.m. 07 a.m. 01 p.m. 07 p.m.  
from direction           NE ENE E NNE  
Speed Bft.           3 3 1-2 3  
  Sun   Rise 05:18a.m. Set 09:43p.m. Rise 05:19a.m. Set 09:41p.m.  
  Moon   Set 00:53a.m. Rise 02:43p.m. Set 01:14a.m. Rise 03:54p.m.  

The moon: full moon is on Fr 27.07. 10:19 p.m.   Fr 27.07. 10:19 p.m.
The moon: last quarter is on Sa 04.08. 08:16 p.m.   Sa 04.08. 08:16 p.m.
The moon: new moon is on Sa 11.08. 11:56 a.m.   Sa 11.08. 11:56 a.m.
The moon: first quarter is on Sa 18.08. 09:47 a.m.   Sa 18.08. 09:47 a.m.


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