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The BSH provides daily updates of selected data concerning the German North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts on the Internet, e.g. water and air temperatures, wind and waves, water level predictions, sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset data. Both measurement data and forecasts are provided. The BSH and its partners are using data from existing monitoring networks and satellites as well as data from high-performance computer models to describe the marine environment and predict future developments.

The water temperature charts of the North Sea and Baltic Sea are derived from images transmitted by the U.S. weather satellites. Additional data are supplied by the stationary marine monitoring network of the BSH, the weather stations of the German Weather Service, and by the environmental monitoring networks of the states of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein. The fleet of rescue vessels of Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (German Sea Rescue) and other vessels communicate observations they have made, which are also used for the BSH's Internet services. Several computer prediction models supply water temperature as well as wind and wave forecasts for the following two days.

Water level forecasts are made for the coastal towns.
Since measurement data are not yet provided routinely and regularly by all coastal towns, or the measurement intervals may be too large, current data for such towns cannot be shown here.

Differences between the predictions and actual measurements may have a variety of causes:
  • the prediction models are not yet accurate enough,
  • the input data for the models (e.g. radiation) are deficient,
  • temporal and spatial differences may occur between measurements and models.

We appreciate receiving your comments and suggestions concerning both the contents and presentation of our Internet pages. We will try to improve our product by including additional measuring stations and observations if required.

Your comments will be very helpful, and we hope to get as much feedback as possible.

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